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Health Talk – In Equilibrium

Health Talk – In Equilibrium

By Marisela Pelayo

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Welcome to our new section “Health Talk!” If you’re one of us that would like to enjoy a longer, higher quality of life, stay in shape emotionally and physically, then this space is for you!

Recently, there have been more and more studies released that show that our mind and spirit—our thoughts and emotions—play a critical role in our physical health. That being said, we can’t ignore them.

We are mind, body and soul. The three need to be in equilibrium to function at their best in whichever environment we are; family, work, or social. Patricia Kaminski (professional therapist) says, “The real new medicine will “treat” our thoughts, feelings, perceptions and values—in few words—our souls. And treating mind and body together will strengthen our body’s health.”

Your health depends on you and now it’s time to take it seriously! How? Informing yourself and practicing what you learn. An old prophet once said: “Don’t destroy yourself due to lack of knowledge”. When we practice every day what we have learned, we become more aware of the results and what our body tells us is wrong and right. For that very reason, in this section we will touch on subjects that will help your overall health and wellbeing.

The majority of medicine today doesn’t treat conditions; they control symptoms.

We’re not talking extreme diets that help you lose weight fast but wreck you physically, leaving you with side effects, and after abandoning the diet bouncing back with even more weight. Studies show that by simply adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle, you significantly reduce the possibility of deadly conditions, will return to a normal body weight, and you’ll look and feel better.

We live in a country that’s overfed but malnourished, and the consequences are diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, obesity, lack of energy, anxiety, depression, genetic conditions, etc..

Hippocrates, Greek medic (450-377 B.C.) said, “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” Every day, more and more Americans are opting for alternative medicine instead of traditional medicine, or they use both. We are realizing that traditional medicines can be dangerous due to their side effects. The majority of medicine today doesn’t treat conditions; they control symptoms.

Would you like to have more energy? Lose weight? Prevent or treat an illness? Reduce stress or anxiety? Feel and look better? Be more efficient at home and work? Manage or control your feelings better? Enjoy every day as best as you can? All we have to do is make minor changes in our daily lives.

Nature is wise and I believe that our body has the power to cure itself with proper ingredients. Simply exchange your bad habits for good ones. Here we will show you how to do so. Don’t miss the next edition!

I truly believe that “the best investment in your life is to invest in your health,” because some things you can’t cure, regardless of all of the money, property or assets you have.

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