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EHN Staff

El Hispanic News (EHN), founded in 1981 by Juan Prats, is the oldest Hispanic publication in the Pacific Northwest and is a leading source of information for the Hispanic community. Former New Mexico Secretary of State, Clara Padilla-Andrews, purchased the publication in 1996. Clara brought her political and business background to EHN, further solidifying relationships with government agencies, businesses, activists, and the Hispanic community. Under Clara’s guidance, EHN reached award-winning levels in communication, community service, volunteerism, publication layout, editorial, news coverage, and in reaching and informing both the Hispanic and non-Hispanic populations of critical information, while also improving and increasing quality and readership.

In 2010, Melanie Davis, El Hispanic News managing partner and owner of Brilliant Medial LLC, purchased El Hispanic News from Clara Padilla-Andrews. Melanie has been a strong and unifying force at EHN since 1992. Clara and Melanie have worked together for many years, with the same vision for EHN. Under Melanie’s leadership, EHN has been diligently expanding its presence online via various social media sites, expanding the current website, and marketing to diverse advertisers, publications, and readership. Melanie has also expanded the publications produced by EHN, including an annual guide for Portland Pride. With Melanie’s expertise, EHN has also sponsored and created many signature events, always keeping the best interest of the Hispanic community in the forefront.

El Hispanic News assists many businesses, partners, government agencies, politicians, and advertisers in reaching a community that is not reached through mainstream media outlets. El Hispanic News remains a primary source for corporate America, local and state businesses, and government agencies to effectively advertise to both the rural and urban Hispanic market. Our goal is to educate, connect, and serve the rural and urban Hispanic communities, while continuing to grow and produce an award-winning bilingual newspaper in Oregon and SW Washington.

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