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Let go of relationships and situations that are not in your best interest. Bring a fresh perspective of a better world to the people around you. April 20th – 27th brings massive changes, prepare for life altering momentum!  In order to achieve your dreams you have to let other people help you. Get together some productive people.


Watch and wait. The world is going to stand on its head and do a chicken dance this month. Your job is to tell it when it’s being ridiculous and provide the chicken suit if no one has one. You can see the bigger picture objectively. Don’t rush in to save the day unless someone asks you to. Let other people make the decisions. Enjoy the view!


Share your perspective judiciously. You see the moving parts of the situation, but you don’t have the full story. Make sure you don’t say something hurtful on accident. Only give your opinion if the other person is really ready to hear it. Check in with your emotional compass as you listen to people tell their stories. Check for truth and expose any lies.


Open the door. You are the key to opportunity for other people. You may not feel very prosperous yourself, so make sure you ask for support when you need it. Charge admission if you’re running low on funds. Otherwise, go explore and find new activities and locations that inspire your heart. What make you fall in love with life?


Be a support structure. You are more stable than you think. Go with the flow and don’t get caught up on wanting to know how everything will turn out. You cannot imagine how awesome the future will be, so stop trying. Your job during this massive shift is to cultivate stillness. Be as calm and cool and put together under pressure as possible.


You can see the flaws in the plan. Be careful the moment you chose to point them out. If you say the wrong thing at the wrong time you’ll be unfairly labeled as fake or callous. Temper any criticism with praise. You need to review the details of your situation carefully with each new development. Things are changing quickly right now.


You can change whatever you want to this month. Be careful what you wish for. The lunar eclipse in your sign on the 15th will give you a new perspective. Tell people what you see as the ideal situation and then look closely at whether your actions are actually lining you up for those results. Follow your heart, don’t be afraid of the dark.


The mystery of life is calling you. You want to see the bigger picture, but you’re not going to get there without some help. Listen to people’s problems first, but don’t forget to tell them what you want. If you don’t tell anyone, then you won’t get anywhere. This month is about speaking your needs, and holding space for other people’s emotions.


Try something new! This month is about radical exploration. It’s time to shake up the paradigm, and you’ve been working hard on what needs to happen to bring harmony back into your life. Don’t get shy now, try everything and anything that comes your way as a suggestion. For a little while, you can do it all!


How hard have you been working to achieve your dreams? Not talking about it, thinking about it, or planning for it, but actually putting in the hard hours of manual labor? The harder you’ve been working, the easier this month will be. This month brings the most change you’ve had in a long time. Your life may look completely different by the end.


Spread the word. Your job this month is to bring together people that don’t usually relate. You see how important all the different perspectives are, and rather than try to relay the ideas, you should just bring the sources together. Your ideas will grow and change so much over this month that it may be hard to keep track of, let people you trust lead.


When the bottom falls out emotions come bubbling up to the surface. Even people who are known for their ability to handle tough situations will be working hard to keep it together this month. Give your love and support where you can. Don’t make promises and try to get others to see that compassion and detachment are the way forward.

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