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Los Olvidados

By ALBERTO MORENO, El Hispanic News Every year thousands die trying to cross to El Otro Lado, to the Other Side.  Over 5,600 bodies have been recovered to date from the Sonora desert, El Desierto de Los Olvidados. Fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters whose last breath and final repose …

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Today in our history:

Mexican singer-songwriter Juan Gabriel was born in 1950, as well as, Dominican baseball player Alfonso Soriano who plays for the Chicago Cubs was born in 1976. Venezuelan baseball player Francisco Rodriguez who pitches for the Milwaukee Brewers was also born in 1982. Mexican novelist Juan Rulfo who was one of …

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Today in OUR history:

Today in OUR history, the United States severed diplomatic relations with Cuba in 1961. The U.S. chose to close the American Embassy in Havana in light of Fidel Castro’s uprising. The action signaled that the United States was prepared to take extreme measures to oppose Castro’s regime, which U.S. officials …

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